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Name : Macroeconomic Forecast Overview
The 2010 CountryWatch Macroeconomic Forecast: Global Economic Overview provides a comprehensive forecast of the major macroeconomic trends for the global economy on a country by country basis over the next 20 years. The forecast provides projections for the 196 countries covered by CountryWatch. The forecast is developed using a macroeconomic model of the global economy developed by CountryWatch that projects the major macroeconomic trends that will drive the global economy over the next two decades. The report provides historical data from 2004 through 2008, an estimate for 2009 and annual projections for 2010 through 2028.
The forecast includes projections of gross domestic product (“GDP”) and the major components of gross domestic product including consumption, government spending, investment spending, exports and imports for each country covered. The projections also include calculations of real GDP growth rates for each country and a calculation of GDP in US dollars ($) for each country covered to enable cross country comparisons. In addition the report provides projections of other key macroeconomic policy variables including foreign exchange rates, inflation rates, government taxes, the fiscal deficit as a percent of GDP, and key balance of payments statistics including the current account deficit as a percent of GDP and holdings of foreign exchange reserves in US dollars ($).

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